My Suicide Letter -Collab-

by believeinlove87   Sep 6, 2011

My suicide letter,
Covered with my teardrops,
Written with such depression,
Reveals every secret I've kept,
Every heart break I've felt,
Says the words I couldn't find myself to say.

Starts off with,
Please don't be angry with me,
I never meant to hurt anybody this way,
I felt alone in this world,
With no body to turn to,
I was grasping on for dear life,
Trying to better myself,
Trying to live for you guys,
When all along I was better off dead.

Be someone you'd be proud off
It seems as if there is no end to my suffering
My world is gray, cold and full of tears
No longer will I suffer
I've found a way to escape,
A tactic to put an end to my miserable life
Feeling numb all my life
Never being able to feel treasured
Not knowing what a family felt like
Short on emotions and expressions
Don't be surprised if you see this coming

I just wish for a little time without any feelings,
Just a little time without this pain
I can't endure this hurt that caused my wish to die.
You have all affected my life in one way or another
I have been depressed to the point of suicide before;
However, there was always hope.
But not now, not today
I'll conclude my lifeless soul forever more.

Another collab with my girl Janet (:

Again Please comment & rate on hers as well<3


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  • 6 years ago

    by shayla

    I really love this poem

  • 7 years ago

    by Blackstar

    Amazing poem.
    All of your poems are great!, keep on writing!

    Also thanks for commenting one of mine.


  • 7 years ago

    by TJ Arizona Eagle

    Seems our poems were running the same track. Good collab, smooth and easy.

  • 7 years ago

    by Burning Angel

    I have been so close to writing a letter like this.. it explained my feelings fully :) you are an amazing writer!!

  • Wow, you both wrote this beautifully. It's remarkable.