Take A Good Look Inside My Chest

by believeinlove87   Jun 29, 2012

Take a good look inside my chest,
a place where a beating heart should be,
except you will find the opposite,
a freezing hollow place almost incapable of
feeling anything anymore.

Two weeks ago my father passed away,
awaiting that moment where it truly hits me;
that he will never walk through that door again,
where I'll never hear him snoring down the hall,
the earth shattering moment i finally realize hes
gone and never coming back.

All I seem to hear is " I'm sorry," or
" I feel so bad for you," from people I rarely talk to,
I don't get why they really think that helps?
My father is gone and nothing will change that,
even though I'd do anything in this world to have him back.

So take a good look inside my chest,
you won't see anything beating,
the moment I found out he passed away,
the day I saw him laying there lifeless,
every ounce of love, of emotion left with him
the last time I said i love you & goodbye.

--just a venting poem---


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Marvellous

    Where refill is sought, locks are spaced. We die all day long, to live on.

  • 8 years ago

    by Purple Rose

    There is no pain that compares to losing a loved one, is there?

    Even though you don't know me, I would still like to say that I am sorry. However, what is the point in saying it when it doesn't bring him back? When I say it, I wish that I could bring him back for you, but I don't have that power.

    I know it hurts, and I have no idea how to help you. You just have to go through the pain - that is the worst advice, but it is all I have. Since it was 2 weeks ago, the pain is still alive and kicking in your heart, isn't it?

    Just know that your dad wouldn't want you to be this way. Even though I don't know him, I doubt that he would want you to cry for him for so long-he is always in your heart.

    Even though you don't like people telling you this, I am sorry.