Everything Good Disappears

by believeinlove87   May 29, 2012

This may be the end of the line,
In the beginning our relationship was amazing,
all smiles, no tears were ever shed;
till the moment you got back from being on the ship,

-- then it all changed.

Everything I said was taken seriously,
even the smallest things would cause an argument,
the fire of our love was dying down,
every upset moment, every tear that ran down my face
was one more thing adding to our destructive path.

Happily ever after; That's all I wanted with you,
but you, the guy I fell in love with... is gone,
no longer do those butterflies fly around,
I'm no longer about to burst from excitement to see you,
my feelings for you are slowly but surely fading away.

This may be the end of the line,
our relationship has done a complete 180 flip,
never in a hundred years would I have thought
finally I got a good guy, till you came along,
but like always...

-- everything good in my life eventually disappears.

--- just a vent ---


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  • 7 years ago

    by Darren

    It may be just a vent, but there is some great emotion in this.

    You portray perfectly the feelings at the start of the realtionship, to unfortunately it fizzles out,
    'everything i said was taken seriously'
    this line suggests to me that he was looking to cause arguments. (I may be wrong)
    The ending was a little downbeat, but hey this is a sad poem, so I guess it should be.
    Thanks for the read.