Death Welcomes You

by believeinlove87   Oct 16, 2011

Death welcomes you,
she hears from behind her,
slowly turning around,
looking at her surroundings,
pitch black room,
covered with the dried blood
of every suicide in this world.

Where am I?
hesitantly asking as she starts to shake,
Don't you see girl, You ended your life
sent here to spend eternity in the dark,
reminding you of all the pain you've felt,
the constant betrayal, heartbreaks,
didn't you ever hear of the deadly afterlife,
she snickers walking away.

No, Don't leave me alone in the dark,
falling to her knees,
screaming from the agonizing pain,
every single moment of pain hitting her at once,
no way to stop this,
she can't take it anymore,
why did I have to give up she says,
why wasn't i strong enough to handle life,
someone please help me.

Lost in a big dark room,
not even the smallest of light exists,
pain everywhere you look,
running every which way,
trying to find her way out,
hearing the evil laugh coming back,
you poor pathetic girl you'll never get out,
stopping dead in her tracks,
she realizes what she has done to herself.

Death welcomes you,
replays through her mind time & time again,
reliving all the pain shes ever felt,
feels all the hurt shes caused others,
falling to the floor,
giving up to get out of here anymore,
she wakes up screaming in her bed,
a nightmare from hell,
she stays away from death.


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