Secrets and Swirling Capes

by HOLLY ARMER   Feb 29, 2012

Eyes of wonder
laced with innocence
I watch amazed

Simplistic trickery
and slight of hand
but the illusion

Whether it be
a floral blazer
or flights of doves

Amazed I long
for secrets that
flourish in swirling capes

and hide where only rabbits live

*Prompt from a club challenge. Write a poem using the words illusion and rabbit.


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  • 6 years ago

    by Chelsey

    Man Holl, if it wasn't for those challenges I wouldn't get to read you poetry! I've missed your writing!...

    I pretty much loved this! Swirling capes, so damn jealous of your creativity right there. All I could do was picture a magician!... where rabbits live...loved that ending!!

    Your imagery was awesome here :)