I am not God

by Chelsey   Apr 17, 2012

If my heart was a cross,
I'd allow you to bury your sins
at the foot of my crucifiction
Remove every ounce of conviction
you feel inside your being
and redeem your soul
from fleeing to hell

But I am not God, nor any kind of saint
and for me, forgiveness is just a mere word
in Websters dictionary

To ask me to wipe clean our past,
is like taking a hurricane
and putting her back in the ocean
without any damage to Earth or its people.

Its undoable, not in my power or will
So the next time guilt takes over your mind,
remember that pardoning your wrong doing
doesn't lie in my heart, and never will
For your destruction was far too crucial
to conceal the wounds and suppress the memories


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  • 6 years ago

    by Veamm


    The fact that this poem came from your heart with your feelings mix in. Touched me. I can feel your place.

    Forgiving is not never been so easy. Especially if he/she broke your trust. I agree that we are just Humans. We have feelings. It is not easy to forget.

    Superb piece.
    Straight from the heart.

    Keep it up
    Definitely a 5 for me

  • 6 years ago

    by Burning Angel

    This poem touched me so much. it was so beautiful and i really enjoyed reading it! This was simply an amazing poem!!!

  • 6 years ago

    by LoVerSLaND

    5/5 Beautiful and simple. Nd I love the wording.

  • 6 years ago

    by nourayasmine

    Chelsey, don't bother caring about those people who ask for forgiveness every now and then, giving no damn about your feelings or about their awful sins. They deserve your resentment, that is if you have the heart to hate someone, I believe you're too kind to. <3 This poem meant to me, because so many times have I been in this area where I can't forgive nor forget. Nobody is perfect. We are not angels, we are humans, that's what we were made for, to have feelings, whether they be grudge, love or indifference! It's all so normal, don't feel bad about yourself for having emotions inside. No, on the contrary, be proud of them, for we, and with 'we' I mean SO many people, might envy you for having such a sensitive heart! :)

    Now enough babbling about humans psychical constitution, haha. I found so many thoughtful images in this write, I can't even figure out how or where to begin...your title made me so curious and although I intended to read some stuff by you, I was even more interested by the title. But when I read the poem, I disagreed, LOL. You might not be 'god' maybe a goddess, haha. :P Seriously, when someone begins their poem with the 'if' clause, I feel so tempted! I love to think about things and with your first sentence I did think of beautiful, sad things that got me to cry, Chelsey. I felt that softness, that soft forgiveness but at the same time your inability to forgive this person, it's like...the hurt is still newlyborn and your pride is not allowing you to let go of it...it's just a wonderful way to say how vulnerable you are, or anyone can be. Loved the use of 'ounce' there as well. It felt, at least to me, that this person is not really feeling guilty, but nevertheless, you would be ready to 'rinse' their guilt and conviction off their heart and mind if only you were able to, this left so much for my brain to think of. I truly relate to your words.

    'and for me, forgiveness is just a mere word
    in websters dictionary'

    It would be very fitting if you added a full stop or two at the end. How you used 'mere' in here is just smart. It's kind of belittling your feeling towards forgiveness. I just love this.
    I, however, disliked the 'to' as it's repeated (in the next line). I would use anything to avoid it. Like...maybe 'asking me to wipe, etc'? I don't know... I LOVED the image about the hurricane being taken out and put in an ocean without harming anyone. I so loved it. It symbolizes impossibility and I love impossibility put between the words, and the most interesting is that it was unepected. This poem felt to me more realistic than imaginary but with you using metaphors, it made it even more appealing. Kudos. I can't lie and say that I liked the usage of 'undoable' in the ending. It didn't feel poetic to me. Didn't feel like everything else in your poem, y'know! I think in the stanza before you explained that it's undoable, so why repeating the same idea and saying that it's undoable? Maybe you wanted to confirm the fact that it's impossible for you to forgive this person but again, it didn't feel necessary, rather a filler. I don't know, just what I felt. I, to be honest, really fell for the last two lines. They amazed me, literally, Chels. I just can't imagine how a girl who always throws confetti and popcorn on us in the club can feel sensitive in this deep heartbreaking way, haha. I just think happiness fits for you so much, never knew I'd be saddened this much by your words, which is a freakin' awesome thing!

    Always write, sweetie, because you master them!

  • 6 years ago

    by Max

    "To ask me to wipe clean our past,
    is like taking a hurricane"
    I love these lines
    AMAZING poem so well written and gr8 emotions
    5\5 keep on =)