Took me by suprise

by Faith Ann   May 24, 2012

You have me baby, You really do
nobody else seems to matter when I am with you
I block them all out and I am focused in your eyes
I get lost in them and lose track of time

You are all that pops in my head when I am tryin' to sleep
Cuz baby whenever we are together I cannot breathe
You mean more to me than I mean to myself
this particular feeling ive never quite felt

You took me by suprise you always come running back to me
you never seem to mean it when you say youre gonna leave
Baby I love you so much, you are so sweet
I cant really describe the way I feel

I can still smell your scent, it makes me a little high
I can remember those gorgeous baby blue eyes
That smile that I cant even look at without a straight face
Because I start to giggle as my hearts begins to race

I love you so dearly much,
Baby be mine forever <3


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