Broken Up

by Gabriel   Mar 2, 2013

It was once your love,
that I grasped in these hands,
but now it's your hate,
that I could not possibly want to understand!

But you once said that you would love me for better or for worst!
It was you who once told me even in sickness and in health!
It was you who said for richer or poorer!

Now, I wasn't perfect, but neither were you!
And yet we always loved each other!
Our love burned like a fire! You were my other half as I was yours!

So now, why so sudden?
After 10 kids and 16 years?
Is it because you no longer want to try?
Or, is it because of.....that other guy?
Or maybe it's because your conscience, is now a ghost?
Tell me has temptation subdued you and made you it's host?
You are so lost, and so far off coast!
But you pretend to be calm and you try to boast!

And now my heart is burnt, scarred, and smells of scorched flesh forever!
Why, I feel like my very soul is tortured and thrown into hell wherever!

But now look where we are, a family tragically torn!
Why, to save them the pain, I dare say I ALMOST wish!.......That they weren't born!
Your the one who broke our hearts, a big crack! Right down the middle.
I just hope, that our souls are not so brittle!

I would even let you back under my roof if you promised to make amends! But we already tried that and again you started to bend!

So you tell me should I just forgive you and just move on! can I when what you did was so damn wrong!
If not that then can I just wish you good luck and to live a happy life? can I?
When you live your life, with that other guy???????????

Now, the only thing that I can say is that I hope you find the right path amongst that lost maze. And...that I will always, remember the good times of your days.

So long, once so sweet one!
But now so bitter for what you've done!
I will take those memories, those precious memories that we once made
and that you gave....
I will take them all the way, all the way down, to my rotten grave!


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  • 5 years ago

    by Christian

    This makes me think of my parents divorce, it really has a feeling to it good job 5/5