Forgetting to Breathe

by Kelsie Danielle   Jun 14, 2013

After hanging out with a girl I met for a good ten minutes, I realized
Betty has a nasty and
Crazy obsession with eating fries,
Deep frying every little ounce of
Each poor little fry.
Forgetting that doing such things will
Give you a heart attack.
Hearing such things as diabetes
I think would stop a person from acting like a
Juvenile freak who
Knows no limits
Letting it take over your life like
Macho double cheese sumo wrestlers
Not able to find a way
Out such as a fly forgetting wear
People live, and smacking them all around.
Quenching my thirst with the bloody goo from a
Rolo candy package
Smelling the chocolate that lies upon my fingers
Telling everyone to shut the F
Up and mind your own business,
Vomiting over the fact that people should
Whistle and play on their
Xylophone to continue to on
Yonder down under and live at the


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  • 5 years ago

    by Tim

    I surprisingly like this.

    ...But I am not sure why


    Keep Penning

  • 5 years ago

    by Sigoney Holder

    Really clever.