Tongue Twisters

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  • Things

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    I was told i could write
    About anyTHING...

  • The Fall Guys 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    He fell on the Fell
    As he fell over, falling on the Fell...

  • Pickled Tink! (12) 7 WIN

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Getting puddled
    Whilst piddling...

  • Day 9 (3) 4

    by Everlasting

    fires Fire firing Fiery-Fierce-Fire...

  • Hey Pops, You Rocks (2) 3

    by Everlasting

    Hey, pops,
    a mob of moms mock mom mopping malls...

  • Must Be Something I Eight! (4) 3

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    I bought some mint chocolates
    They were called After Eight...

  • Blank Verse... (6) 2

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Blank Verse...

  • drunk (acrostic) (5) 2

    by Mr. Darcy

    drinking in old Damascus caused
    riots when decades of 'dry' were lifted...

  • Serial of the Cereal (2) 2

    by Vera Campbell

    The serial of the cereal!
    Where cereal isn't seriously serious...

  • Word Weaving

    by Cassie PJ

    Although you cannot always
    believe the words of others...

  • Journalist

    by Sajal Ahmed

    I confess to God before my death "In the...
    God is silent...

  • Funny Words (9) 8


    A pill for any ill...