A Letter to the Otherside

by Angie   Aug 4, 2015


I sure am missing you a lot today
I thought I cried all the tears I could cry
but I guess not, because today,
they flowed like a raging river

Looking at your photograph, at the moment,
is just not enough

I want to place a kiss upon your cheek
and feel your warm skin beneath my lips

I want to run a brush through your hair
and feel its softness with my fingers

I want to look into your beautiful hazel eyes
and see the understanding
and feel the love radiating from within

I want to hear your soothing voice
as we chat about everything and nothing

I want to hear your laughter
as I share the antics of your
grandchildren and great grandchildren

And, I want to feel your strong arms
as you wrap me up in a huge comforting hug

They say that if I just sit quietly
with my eyes closed, that I'll feel you
beside me and I know this is true,
because you always are

But it's just not the same, because today,
I am needing more, call me selfish,
but, there are days when a girl
just needs her Mommy,
in the here and now

I miss you Mommy
I love you too too much and a whole bunch

Forever Your Loving Daughter


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    This is so sad that I could hear my heart breaking for you.


  • 3 years ago

    by dashia Harvey

    This is very beautiful brought me to tears hope you feel better today huh

  • 3 years ago

    by Natalie84

    Hope you're smiling today dear! You always wrap me up in your writing! Miss reading your words. I took a couple minutes away from my desk to clear my head and thought let me go check out an old part of me. I am sorry to have to comment on this. This is beautiful. I remember writing being the only thing I wanted to do bc it's the only way to kind of express how you feel. Love ya woman!!! May there be peace and light in your life!!! Xoxo

  • 3 years ago

    by Naughtymouse

    This is heartbreakin, it isn't often I read a poem and it brings tears and it's even rarer for me to admit it but I know this feeling all to well, I lost my Dad a long time ago and myself being a father of a seven year old going on seventeen there's alot I wish he was here for.

    I hope you are ok.

    • 3 years ago

      by Angie

      Thank you for sharing that part of you with me, I hope you are ok as well, I think no matter how long they are gone, we still miss then and wish they were here for things, I know they are spiritually but its not always the same... and I am doing ok, thank you.

  • 3 years ago

    by Dancing Rivers

    Thank you for sharing this, it brought me to tears because so often I feel the same way. call me biased but this was beautiful and is now one of my weekly nominations.

    • 3 years ago

      by Angie

      Thank you so very much