A Runaway's Storm

by Someone Invisible   Oct 18, 2015

Why am I so emotional?
The storm's rolled in and I find
I'm no longer in touch with peace
so lost within my own mind.

Dark swirling clouds are moving in
the thunder booming in my head portrays,
as though pulled from me to the sky,
the turmoil I deal with alone everyday.

Strong harsh winds whip around
pullin on the trees, tuggin on my hair
as I walk through a beaten path in the woods
wishin' there was someone who cared.

I'm cold and fast getting tired
with sheets of rain soaking me to the bone
I trudge along determinded not to stop
but it's a hell of a night to run from home.

Lighting flashes not too far away
and thunder claps overhead
There's something there in the trees
I want to run back but I walk on instead.

Found this gem hiding in my facebook. I had forgotten about it but I like it.
Untitled 7-28-14
By: Kia McCann


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  • 3 years ago

    by No1ButMe

    This is the second poem I've read by you and I am just so in love with your work. I haven't come across a poet that I want to watch in a long time, but then I came across you. Your work just has so much detail, I get engulfed into them. You will be one I keep an eye out for. A true artist. Never stop writing. Can't wait to read more. 5/5

    • 3 years ago

      by Someone Invisible

      Wow the most I've heard about me and my work in a long while, I Truely appreciate it.