Dead Things by Kate

by Mark Rawlins   Mar 24, 2016

A taxidermy shop has recently opened in Macclesfield called Dead Things by Kate. I offer this as a promotion pitch ......

Slimy, scaly, feathered or furred,
she's waiting for your call.
From jumbo sized to tiny bird,
she's got a case for all.

When Tiddles' time has ticked away,
or Polly's squawked her last.
When Scamp can't fight another day,
or poor old Shep has passed.
When Goldie's floating in her bowl,
or Sid the Snake has snuffed,
you may not save their mortal soul ....

but you could get them stuffed!

'Cause Kate the taxidermy girl
is standing by to serve you.
But when YOU shuffle off this coil ....

may just the saints preserve you.


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