Rapunzel (sonnets I-V) - collaboration (HM)

by - Mr. Darcy & Ben Pickard   Sep 26, 2016


Tears streamed from swollen eyes like pouring rain
the world so empty like her barren womb;
her husband drew her near to ease the pain
and in their need they kissed by silver moon.
Their window then revealed a tempting plant
amongst a witch's garden there to see;
her craving turned her groaning into chants:
'I must have Rampion fulfil my needs!'
He stole and crept and listened to her plea,
then robbed the hag for which he had to pay;
she said she would forgive this one misdeed
but that she must possess their babe one day.

The plant was plucked but at what thorny price?
Temptation can with glee destroy a life.

~ ~


A girl was born, her beauty unsurpassed -
her parents light was snuffed by brackish hand -
a promise bound to keep in distant past...
Rapunzel's fated life now worthless sand.
Locked high away from kindness she would cry,
though loneliness revealed the purist light.
The world outside so cruelly passed her by,
but each imprisoned day, she dreamt of flight.
Rapunzel's hair was finer than spun gold,
her locks were used as ropes instead of stairs;
the witch would climb to her by grabbing hold
and daily visit her within the lair.

True love ingrained in blood is strong of will;
when dreams are all we have, it lingers still.

~ ~


Rapunzel only ever heard her name
when called upon from far below the heights -
yet still her song would set the woods aflame
and fill a hero's heart with such delight.
A passing prince who heard Rapunzel sing
would cheat the witch and imitate her call;
with golden locks that would become love's wings,
he grabbed a hold and scaled the tower's wall.
Rapunzel's eyes had never seen a man
so fear abounded through her darkened cell,
but gentle words took hold the flames and fanned
a growing love that left her sadness quelled.

A lonely voice that sings from joy impaired
can lead unto a heart that is repaired.

~ ~


How could this love traverse these dizzy heights
when evil's breath choked like a tourniquet?
Beneath the stars, they planned by muted light
to weave some silken steps then steal away.
But then Rapunzel spoke some careless words:
"The prince feels so much lighter on my head!"
The witch with this would have true love interred
and to the desert, she was dragged instead.
The hag secured the braids upon the sill,
then saw the prince come riding through the trees;
the golden stairs became such rocky hills:
"Let down your hair, Rapunzel, I beseech!"

The bird that sang a tune from nest on high,
now captive in the desert sure to die.

~ ~


He met upon the crest an altered face
who laughed away his fright with open scorn;
he fell with all his wits at once displaced
And pierced his teary eyes amongst the thorns.
The punctured prince now wandered all alone,
surviving on the forest's meagre fare -
"But wait! - a voice returns my heart from stone
with notes that steal away my life's despair."
With tears, Rapunzel healed his ruptured sight -
her joy, a cooling spring amidst the thirst;
Their love now soared away from evil's blight
and left the witch's selfish scheming cursed.

A tower could have meant Rapunzel's doom
but in the barren heat, a true love bloomed.

~ ~ ~

michael moran & ben pickard


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Ooh ... thanks for leading me to this Ben, I'm in awe of the pair of you ... I can't even imagine how hard it was to collaborate on one brilliant sonnet, let alone five!!!
    Hooray for happy endings and hats off to the sonnet kings of PnQ :-) x

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Oh! I am so very late in reading this masterpiece. A superb retelling of the age-old story of Rapunzel. I have always tried to write a sonnet, but have never written any. Sonnets are not easy to create as the writer has to conform to the rhyming scheme and meters in every line. To make five outstanding sonnets is definitely a bloody endeavor so hats off to you Ben and Mr. Darcy, our sonneteers for an awesome, brilliant work.

  • 1 year ago

    by Augustus Black

    First of all I would like to congrats to both the writers for creating this magnificent write. This poem has a mighty strength to be on top on many levels.

    Sir Ben, I think you have created your own unique personality here as a sonnet king because you are very expert in doing that. This poem should deserve great victory. It is containing lots of emotions, lots of ancient imaginary and lots of things, really looks like some kind of ancient fiction which I am very pleased to read.

    So, I'm taking all sonnets at once and I say this is quite brilliant work. I know this was not easy, it would have taken enough thinking, time and blood. The most important part of this write I think is the ending, true love connection with other.

    All the best Sir, and sorry for late comment, I was busy in my college stuffs.

  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Thanks, Shruti

  • 1 year ago

    by Shruti

    This is really a masterpiece as mentioned. Superb!
    I have no words to write here. Just that Rapunzel will surely love it! :)

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