by CRAFTY KEN   May 11, 2017


I see you, do you see me or is there something else beyond those eyes that remains a mystery? Sometimes you stare with a gaze that takes you far beyond the Sea. Was it a former romance that sprung up that April Spring in France? Was it with Mr. Wonderful all night you did dance? Much jealousy did devour me, my body burns as if I was floundering in a fiery Sea of rage, like an angry Lion let out of his cage, but this I know that now you are here and I’ll never again let you go!

You bend the knee to look at the bumble bee, a butterfly nearby also receives your glance, you are indeed a mysterious woman and my life you greatly enhance. When I look in your eyes they dilate wide and I can see a miniature Galaxy floating by, like the Stars they sparkle bright,the sight holds me in an hypnotic trance that I can’t break away, I return to reality when you say; Hey!

Love expands the senses and emotions so that you may see too much, some things need to be far away and out of touch. Broken hearts must be laid to rest in the graveyard of Good Times Gone By or you may live out your life with just gazing at them and always wondering why?

Author Ken

May 11, 2017


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