The smile behind the Mask

by CRAFTY KEN   Sep 4, 2020

The smile behind the Mask

I have been collecting my thoughts about the events rising like a dark cloud among the World's people each day, for whom I sincerely pray. I felt that I must reveal that behind my Mask I have a smile, ordinarily I would feel ashamed with so many who have died, are sick, suicidal, hopeless, but hope has come, God gave us his Son!

The Souls of this World have an enemy, Satan, who Jesus proclaimed as a murderer, and the Father of lies, we humans made in God's image, and likeness, he does despise. He works through people, inspires them to create things of great destruction, sickness. Jesus healed a woman whom Satan had bound with internal bleeding, at his touch she was healed, and her salvation sealed.

As Christians, we have weapons to use against the Devil, the Blood of the Lamb (Which he shed to save us) and our Testimonies, these overcome the Evil one, all through God's only Son.

I wish to share one of my many Testimonies, I had been praying for months for my wife Lillian, she had fallen into the trap of worrying, and had many bouts of anger, which worry produces because of frustration, for her, it was an impossible situation. Two days ago, she was in our bedroom with the doors closed, I was in our family room watching TV. She heard a loud voice call; Lil, Lil, Lil

She yelled out loud; did you call me, I answered back; no! She ran out of the room leaping, rejoicing, crying; God called my name! We hugged, she said; I will not worry anymore, I have perfect Peace! I said; your Father called you in a loving way, Lil, instead of a formal Lillian.

As David said, I love the Lord because he always hears my prayers, many of David's prayers were prayed through his many tears. My heart's desire is that those who have read these things will come to know the Lord Jesus, who can deliver you from ANY situation, above all, Satan's temptations.

Author Ken
September 4, 2020


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