Another Rainmaker?

by CRAFTY KEN   Jun 26, 2020

Another Rainmaker?
A true Story
It's Thursday in Southwest Florida, the Heat Index is at 105, the birds are struggling to stay alive, in my water spray for them, they do the Jive! Sitting in my open door garage, the Sky is a cloudless blue, the forecast is not good for our coast, inland Florida is where it will rain, while we roast.

I offered up a prayer; Lord, I said, consider the poor, with their fans blowing, away from the windows where from outside, hot does pour.

When car doors are opened, a rush of heat, like an oven does roar. I prayed; Lord, give me a sign for good, let me hear Thunder, to my surprise, distant Thunder I heard. Wow, I thought, then I prayed, Lord let torrential rain pour, in one half hour Rain cascaded just out side my garage door, a cool wind blew. All this occurred while the Sky remained dark blue, strange, though I.

I actually was leaping, singing praises to God, so much that my wife came to see if I was ok, through tears, I told her what had happened. I have walked with Jesus since I was a boy, I remember him saying; Ask, and it will be given, to bring you much joy.


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