The many scars on my heart

by CRAFTY KEN   May 1, 2020

Some are deeper than others, with death always knocking on my door, the passing of my Mom, Dad, brother, sister, made the scars very deep, and sore.

Then in a Summer place, my heart found a romance, it beat wildly at the sight of this beauty I met at the shore, our first date was so great that I couldn't wait to see her more.

Her pretty light blue eyes, sparkled like the skies, against her deep tanned skin, the coconut oil's aroma melted my heart, I became like a man in a trance, the only emotion that was better was when we danced. She was so graceful, especially when I gave her a whirl, my mind thought, wow, what a girl.

Looking back in time, it was extremely painful when the new scar was etched into my bleeding heart, away she had flown, my first love, who lifted me from a long state of depression, to be in a captive state of obsession, I jealously wanted to possess her, like a precious diamond, they were my thoughts every day, but, it was Death who finally had it's way!

My dreams of her still haunt me to this day, adding more scars, like I had a debt to pay, as I lay, she is there, it seems so real that I get embarrassed just being in my underwear. How often now I pray, dear God, grant me wonderful peaceful sleep, with no dreams to make me weep.

Author Ken
May 1, 2020


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