America the Beautiful

by CRAFTY KEN   Jun 26, 2020

America the Beautiful

Bring it back, we used to rule the day, until Satan took it away, World War 2 united us, people of all skin colors united as one Family. The skills they brought to this Country, filled, Land, Sea, and Air with the power that defeated the German, and Japanese Imperial Armies.

We saved our beloved friends, the Brits, Aussies, New Zealand too. We freed the poor Jews from the hideous German Consecration Camps, how low their captures were, to even use the skins of the dead to, put Lampshades over their heads.

Today, the Devil, through some immoral Media, have caused many a heart today to despair. But the American Dream will never die, becoming a Citizen was one of the greatest honors of their lives, these honorable immigrants came to America to give, not take, they wanted to make America better, proud people, they laid Race aside, Americans they were! These refused Government handouts, instead they worked their way to greatness, we need that spirit back desperately today, come back America, right away!


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