Here's Looking At you Gramps

by Alex Penuelas   Jun 1, 2017

Like the messiah you believe in,
I carried the cross of roses
To your grave.

It is a beautiful bouquet,
Filled to the brim
With white roses,
Your wife's favorite flower.

I place the delicate bouquet
Near your delicate body,
And your wife smiled at me,
Knowing that I have come to
Carry the cross for you
One last time.

I swallow my differences in beliefs
To ensure that your memory
Will not be tarnished
By my disbelief.

Today is the closest day
I've ever felt something
Remotely close to

Perhaps God is within us,
That each one of us
Can exhibit godly deeds
By practicing goodness
For goodness sake.

Now I approach your body,
Which once was filled with
Such joy and happiness,
Now sitting coldly in a
Neatly dressed grey and black tuxedo,
In a beautifully grey coffin,
With a cross dangling over your head.

I see you
And... I just wish that you just wake up,
I beg of you!
Please get up!
Please tell me that
This is nothing more than a dream,
That you will stand up and
Tell me that everything is gonna be ok.


But...deep down within me I know that
Such a miracle will not occur,
And that now is the time
That you will rest here.

I remember all of the
Years and years that
I would come and visit you
As you sat in your rocking chair,
Holding me in your warm arms,
Smiling your warm smile,
Singing to me some soft songs.

Now there's no song to sing.
I sit here, solemnly waiting
For them to take you away
To your final resting place.

Don't worry gramps,
I promised you already that
I would come,
And I did.

And I'll keep on coming because
I don't want you to feel forgotten
Because you aren't.

You are loved by all
Of those that you have
Left behind.

You are so beautiful gramps,
Here's looking at you...


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    It seemed weird pressing the like button because of the subject but I had to because of how well it was written.

    Sorry for you loss, times a great healer.
    Much love,

  • 1 year ago

    by Wallflower friend

    Excellent write. I'm sorry for your loss. You did an amazing job putting emotion into your writing.

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