by Alex Penuelas   Jun 29, 2017

I love how
Quickly you can
Go from being the
Bestest of buddies with somebody,
Always communicating your
Deepest thoughts, poems, and emotions
To them.

To becoming just normal buddies,
The guy that you can call up
At random and have a
Casual conversation with
Over a couple of beers, bongs, or burgers.
(Or, more often than not,
All three).

You aren't as close as you
Once were with them,
But you still have enough connections
That the momentum is still there.

To the occasional texting buddy,
The one who you would randomly text
Out of the blue,
When they share a funny and/or interesting post
On social media.

At this level,
That's all that remains,
You still have the humor and the fun
That you once had,
But no true conversations ever really
Come out of that.

To the "Hey what's the answer to X question?" buddy,
Whereby your only concern with the person is if
Whether or not they can assist you with a
Temporary assignment.

To the "I'll only communicate with them if they have a major life event" buddy,
You know, the typical Facebook friend
Who seldom follows the frequent life events,
But is almost always the first person
To jump the gun to say a sweet but succinct
"Congratulations!" whenever they gain
a new job,
a new lover,
a new home,
slice of pizza,
the list goes on.

To the "Oh yeah I used to go to school with him" buddy,
The person that you once talked to once upon a time,
But now lives only in the recesses of your memories,
Only a figment of the true connection that you
Have with said person.

Now you don't even like bringing their name up,
Because there's nothing really much
to say about them anymore
Without utterly realizing that
that's the extent of your friendship.

To the "We are no longer friends because we have disconnected ourselves from one another for far too long" buddies.
At this point,
you have completely forgotten who they are,
What they meant to you once upon a time.

Now you are just simply strangers
Spinning smoothly on the surface of this planet,
Blissfully unaware of the
Life that you both did share.

It's amazing how
Quickly such a transition can happen.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    It happens! :-(

    An enjoyable read and one I can relate too. Great piece, Alex.

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