First and Last

by Matt Carroll   Jul 4, 2017

My last thoughts of the evening and my first ones of the day
Never skip a beat for it is with you that they stay
Inbetween the two I cannot say that much does shift
You're always on my mind, thoughts focused or adrift

The peace I've found within you, to nothing it compares
You wash away my sorrows and relieve me of my cares
My light inside the darkness, like the air I need to breathe
The things I feel for you are sometimes hard just to conceive

The sparkle in your eyes, the blush across your cheeks
The smile inbetween them does at times make me feel weak
Unable to dissuade such raw and powerful emotion
The way I care for you may rival depth and distance of the oceans

I'm not sure what led me to you, be it chance or be it fate
You've set my heart on fire with which only you can sate
And as I count the moments until I hear from you once more
These feelings just get deeper, ever closer to my core


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Awww...this is so so sweet! A beautiful message.

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