Find Me...

by Matt Carroll   Aug 25, 2020

Find me in summer near the campfire, marveling the embers
Find me in the winter, fondly reminiscing past Decembers
Find me in the spring, expectant of warmth that's sure to follow
Find me in the fall as darkness approaches, shadows cast and feeling hollow

Find me in the morning, blearly-eyed and slow to start
Find me in the afternoon, at peak and full of determined heart
Find me in the evening, wide-eyed and wondering what's to come
Find me in the night, so full of hopelessness, so numb

©? Matthew Carroll 2020


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  • 3 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    The repetition worked to really highlight the cycles, not only of nature, but of our own emotions. In basking in the warmth of summer and preparing for the cold. In the deeper reflection into expecting something more out of each day, a lifted heart, yet being let down, emptied out in the same ways each day. It reminded me of those who have hope, like a child, and who still try to overcome even when life tries to weigh them down. It's so incredibly human, to have hope, to lose it, to have faith, to be faithless and question the quality of life.

    A short but powerful piece, Matthew.

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