Silver Tongue

by Matt Carroll   Aug 13, 2020

"I'll be there for you." Oh yeah? Where you at?
Like all the times I picked you up when life knocked you flat
"I'm not leaving." Oh yeah? Then where'd you go?
I'm sitting here struggling and breaking down all on the low

I cant show my face, hiding behind a smile, a mask
I guess you just weren't all in, or up for the task
The emptiness driving me crazy, it's maddening
Every day without you so mundane and saddening

"I've got you, 100." Oh yeah? What a joke, you recanted
As a result the final seeds of doubt have been planted
"I love you." Oh yeah? Even if you meant it as a friend
This hole that you've left will outlast all and remain til the end

I can't shed a tear, can't cry out for assistance
The only thing left is memories and your distance
A pain that's unrivaled, a past that's torture to recall
And it's hard to believe you ever cared for me at all


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