by CRAFTY KEN   Jul 5, 2017


She gazed long at my form and my image, her pupils dilated wide, in her eyes my sight was a great delight, her energized neurons with much excitement sent my info to her brain where it was to remain. One look is all that it took, I never heard her sigh. When I stopped to tie my lace, I did not see her face and was not knowing that she was close, sitting on a Park bench nearby.

When she caught my eye, I went to her to say; hi, do you mind if I sit here, she said fine! My eyes were loving her fancy pants suit and her knock down drag out shape and when there was no ring on her hand, I wanted to sing along with Alexander’s Rag Time Band.

She asked; do you run here every day and are you married, by the way? A big smile formed across my face, I said I’m John and you are; she replied I’m Grace, I thought yeah, and she was amazing too! While I was memorized by her beautiful green eyes, she caught me totally by surprise and asked; well, aren’t you going to ask me out for a date, I said for sure, she seemed pretty fast right out of the Gate!

When I rang her bell, I was nervous as hell, come in she said, it was a nice apartment located in the upside of Town with a great view of the pretty blue Boston Harbor. A Grand piano sat by the door, a Persian rug was spread out upon the floor. Upon the wall many Award Shingles hung, one was from a well-known College from which she had a Degree, as named a Professor of Trigonometry with more Degrees to see.

I thought about just leaving, going back out the door, after all, as a College dropout and beach bum what would she see in me, to her I would be a big bore. When she returned and saw the embarrassed look on my face she said; are you ok? I blurted out; this is all wrong and won’t work, you’re a rich Genius and I’m just your average jerk.

She said; sit down, I’ll whip up a nice little private dinner, we’ll have a few drinks, then we will have time to talk and think. After dinner and the alcohol was making my mind mellow, I said, I like your piano, she said; I also play the Chello. I asked how is it that a well-educated, polished woman like yourself is not married; with a demure like look on her face she replied; I was in a well to do family, Private Schooling until College, so much learning and little time to even go to the Shore.

But when I first laid eyes on you my heart skipped a beat, you were the one that fate had me to meet, so you see, even a Gal like me needs more in life than just Books and Trigonometry. So, the “Eyes” have it as the saying goes, now that we are married, we watch a lot of Shows and Sports, I must move her Hose to get into the shower while she picks up my dropped socks and shorts, it’s not boring anymore for sure, especially when you have great wife, then it’s Amore’.

*Consider the human Eye, how it can focus in a heartbeat, it transfers much beauty to our brains, digital photos or paintings cannot capture the reality as seen by the Human eye.

Author Ken
July 5, 2017


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  • 1 year ago


    Indeed Mel, and we are spirits communicating to the material world through a miraculous Human body, an image of of God, a Trinity, we being Body, Soul and Spirit. Our spirit keeps our bodies alive, in the Book of Proverbs it is written; Without the spirit, the body is dead. Great comments as usual from you!

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Awww, this is so sweet, Ken! They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Indeed a delight to read. What a sweet love story. :-)

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