by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo   Jul 31, 2017

The Beauty I See
By Taiwo O. Oluwaseye

The beauty I see
Is not the facial beauty or look!
It not the things common men see
Nor the natural eyes can see!
It takes a deep look and insightful thinking to see The beauty I see.
Sincere heart longs for it 
It does not come in attractive pack
But if found ,it is worth a billion of gold and diamonds.
The beauty I see is like the cascading waterfall in a pristine environment.

It is what makes the heart stagger
And the heart longs for it all day

It is my wish, my dream and my desire!
The beauty I see
Is the only thing that is equal to 100% 
In it lies the rise and fall of life
The beauty I see 
Is 'Attitude'
A good attitude is the beauty of the mind
In the beautiful mind lies the beauty I see.


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