The American Dream

by Mark Rawlins   Dec 3, 2017

From the Land of the Free
and of Forest Gump,
to the Boston Tea
and the Tower of Trump.
From the Hollywood Bowl
to the Broadway Baby,
All hail rock ‘n’ roll
and don’t say ‘maybe’.
To the silver screen
with a Krispy Kreme,
if it’s not Halloween
it’s the American Dream.

From the Wounded Knee
and the Columbine slaughter.
From the NYPD
saying ‘why I oughta!’
To the jumpin’ GI Joes
and the Salem witches,
and the mother ***kin’ ‘ho’s
and the hockey snitches,
your little Prairie house
aint nowhere to be seen.
If it’s not Mickey Mouse
it’s the American Dream.

From the Jellystone Park
to the Rydell High.
With your arms around Iraq
and a blueberry pie.
Who’s that sitting on their tushes
in their dy-nasties.
It’s the Clintons and the Bushes
and the Kennedys.
If you’re not on the cover
of a magazine,
you can’t be a true lover
of the American Dream.

From the island on which Elvis
is living with Monroe ...
Take your hands off of my pelvis
’cause America says ‘no’.
From Russia-gate with love
to the Watergate tape,
your Bible Belt is worn above
your kryptonite cape.
If your Spaceys and De Niros
are not quite what they seem,
they’re not heroes or zeros,
they’re the American Dream.

From the Strange Southern Fruit
of which you hear the lady sing,
there’ll be someone there to shoot
at Malcolm X or Luther King.
So just sit down now, Rosa,
and please don’t make a fuss,
‘cause they’re selling Coca Cola
From the back of that bus.
From Buzz Lightyear and Woody,
Dukes of Hazzard and A Team,
the white hat’s not for the goody,
It’s for the American Dream.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Mark, loved it! Full of sarcastic wit and rhymes. Well done -

  • 1 year ago

    by Ren

    Holy cow, this is AMAZING! Excellent writing and rhyme!!


  • 1 year ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    A scathing piece of satire here Mark. Most things and places aren't all that they seem I guess.
    A great observational piece with lots of important references to American history too. Thought provoking! :-) x

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