Be With A Smile

by Eminent Bard   Jan 10, 2018

One rainy day I saw you walking on your own
Your thoughts seemed so heavy as you looked into your phone
I tried to walk towards you but it felt like everything went crazy
I couldn't move my feet, there's nothing I could do
All I could only say, "Please don't fade away."

Everyday and every way
I always want you to be happy
As your smile brightens up my day
I feel like dazzling, sparkling
So be with a smile

One sunny day I noticed that loneliness was gone
Your face looked so happy as you truly smiled at me
I tried to pinch myself to make sure it wasn't just a dream
I couldn't believe that this was really true
All I could only do was to smile back at you

Everyday and every way
I always want you to stay
As your presence fills up my day
I feel like living, loving
When I can see your smile

You may not know it, I may not able to show it
But remember that I do always care for you


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