A Kept Treasure

by Eminent Bard   Jan 10, 2018

When you came into my life I never fail to thank God each day
For letting me have you for a friend whose words often make me rejoice
I never thought you'll be there talking to me, standing by me

You are a treasure that's held within my heart even if we must part
I'll keep you inside 'til the sun fails to rise and fires fall from skies
I'll cherish you

I may not be a perfect friend, countless errs I have done to you
I'm sorry if I've brought you pain, I'm not perfect, I transgress
I hope you'll see what's in me, that I love you, believe I sure do

In you I found true friendship and knew what genuine joy is
You are truly a blessing in my life
I'll be forever grateful cause a treasure like you brings riches to my heart


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