It was on a rainy day

by Karen Montegrande   Feb 20, 2018

I remember the day you met her,
I remember all the tears,
I remember all the sorrow,
You gave her all these years,

I remember the love she gave you,
And the pain she used to hide,
I remember the time you went away,
You left her lonely and alone on a rainy day,

She was someone who eased the pain,
The one who decided to make a change,
I never knew why you left her,
But I know how it hurt her,
It broke her heart and made her cry,
It was the time that she didn't deny,
The truth that your love was just a lie,

I was with her through thick and thin,
Saw her shed tears and looked for you
She never gave up 'cause she wanted to know what's true,
But I guess she has moved on now without you,
She's someone new she doesn't need you,
And she is ready to face a new chapter of her life,

Maybe your love was never the one written for her,
Or maybe you were not the one in her final chapters,
I supposed you're wondering why I know her so well,
that's because the one you left that rainy day?
Is exactly the one telling it today,
With a broken heart, I am here standing and saying this to you,
That rainy day was the saddest day but it made me love myself and learn to go on without you.


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  • 9 months ago

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    This hit home pretty hard.. With that being said, it makes this peice all the more enjoyable to read. Afterall, part of the joy is connecting with another poet's work, in my opinion . great peice, keep it up !

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