The Wait

by silvershoes   Apr 16, 2018

I saw my love standing there on the edge of cliffs Moher
She turned to look at me and asked, "Desmond, are you there?"
She looked at me, but her eyes went through as if I were a ghost
"Des," she asked, "Have you returned ‘cause it’s I who loved you most?"

And then I saw her cheeks of tears as she whispered, "It’s been three long years..."

I begged of her, "My Sweet Colleen, say it hasn’t been so long"
She turned from me then absently; I felt something very wrong
Her raven hair was all that moved, flying wild in the wind
The ocean waves crashed down below — "Colleen, it’s true, I’ve sinned."

She made no sign she heard my voice with a thousand mile stare
Her feet, they shuffled quietly, and rocks tumbled into air
Three years and all the while, she knew nothing but to wait
She took one step, I ran to her, but by then it was too late


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  • 8 months ago

    by Ben

    Daaaaamn....if you come out with this in the shower I might as well give up now *throws pen in the air* I loved your word choices in this but the phrasing and picture painting you do is quite something else.

    If I could nominate then I would but it's here and that's what counts!



  • 9 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    This is different, so I don't know how to put it in words but its
    so picture perfect I mean its so vivid and its like I'm waking with you
    in this moment...nicely written.

  • 9 months ago

    by Brenda

    Oh wow! What a write! Beautifully done and in such a lovely setting.

    • 9 months ago

      by silvershoes

      Thank you! I made most of this up while singing in the shower (I like to put on an Irish brogue sometimes when I sing -- a tribute to my heritage haha). I thought I might as well submit it as a poem so I don't forget it.

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