Lady of the evening

by Ya----Na   Oct 15, 2017

It's midnight
in my universe.
My wings are crippled,
I want to fall in the arms of sleep to
feel alive.

The wind
is whispering into my ears
to stop them,
but there is no such word in my

The innocent comes here to open up
their petals;
The brokenhearted comes to bury
their relationships of the past;
The rude comes to empty their
and the beast comes to release the
demons inside them.

I don't remember their faces because
they never bid farewell.

Many seasons have been passed,
but I have only seen
storms of madness;
I have seen an endless summer,
and soon I will be facing the
reign of winter too.

the angels come over my body too
and write poetry
on the rock of my cemetery
and leave me to daydream...

For there are days only in my life
to dream
because my life starts at night.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    I like the title and I also noticed how you ended the first line with the
    word midnight and ended the poem with night in the last line. I got the image
    and felt the underlying sadness in it. I actually read it a few times to get the
    message and though I was seeing it with a different all fell in place.
    A touching write where the feelings of the ignored are high lighted...

    • 3 years ago

      by Ya----Na

      Thank you so much Ms Meena. I just hope government or social welfare organizations can do something to make their lives better and easier.

  • 4 years ago

    by naaz

    This time, I want to start with title of the poem. You chose decent title as it didn't bring any disrespect to them.

    They are human beings just like us. In more than 99 percent cases, they are forced into this profession at very young age. Child trafficking is one of the major reasons.
    This poem tells the painful tale of those ladies. All those horrendous things they have to go through just to survive in this world. Every right to say 'no' take from them and just let them to die every single night.

    Some treats them gently, some with a bit of rudeness and most of them don't even treat them as human beings. Very rarely it happens and someone comes and asks them how they feel and at that moment they pour their heart in front of them.

    The governments can stop or prevent this from happening by nipping it in the bud, by giving respectable jobs to those ladies, by becoming true angel for them, but this thing is keep ongoing in this world from centuries and I am not sure how long it will go. We are in the 21st century, still it looks like a daydream.

    Ss, a sad tone continues throughout the poem, talks about their sufferings. I couldn't find any problem with the language of this poem. The content is really strong as others said.

    I just hope in this lifetime we get the chance to witness that day when this nightmare is over, they are set free, and they have right to live with respect among us.

    All the best!

    • 3 years ago

      by Ya----Na

      Thanks naaz I forgot to thank you.

  • 4 years ago

    by Ya----Na

    Thanks to milly, Michael and Naomi.

  • 4 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    An exceptional free verse piece. Very enjoyable read. Milly x

  • 4 years ago

    by deeplydesturbed

    Free Verse!
    Im so glad this is up for the week.. this is an amazing piece!

    You had me captured from the start to end... Beautiful imagery.

    Well done

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