My charm is your charm

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Nov 6, 2018

Charming layers
Saving prayers
Resisting smiles
Dynamite wives
Ghosts talking
Medical walking
Beautiful work
Clean with dirty shirt
Forever resting naps
Dishing the same summer scraps
Always here sick and bad temptation
With common day medics and work contemplation.

Looking for deeper meaning
One-way scripture other way long dreaming
With so many friendships passing by
So with lovers too, dress and husband main tie.

Draining myself with the same sleep
Almost smelling gutter-like staring at the moon that small stepped and man leaped.

And sometimes for a day visit finding your way
But your answer no leads and ends my path to go astray.
And when that last day I ended on purpose
Realized no other way to escape that green Mary surface.

So many drink themselves until air has replaced the bottle
Whilst thinking of that Vincent, modo and full throttle.


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