Sheep Tales part 2 (twisted nursery rhyme)

by CJ Maleney   Nov 8, 2018

Mary had a little lamb
It's fleece was white as snow.
It followed her to shady places,
Because it liked a bit of blow.

It followed her through the market,
It followed her to town,
It followed her into the butchers shop,
Where he hung it upside down.

He said "are you sure you want to watch this?"
As she handed over her two groats.
She smiled ever so sweetly at him,
Then snatched a knife and slit his throat.

As the butcher crumbled to his knees,
She let down her little lamb.
Baby sheep was not to die this day
For they had conjured up a plan.

You see butcher was an evil man,
His job was just a shroud.
He loved the death and suffering,
But he never sought a crowd.

So they drew the blinds around the shop,
They turned the door sign round to closed,
The deeds that they have done this day
Are not for everyone to know.

They chopped the butcher into pieces.
They then removed his bones.
The excess fed to the pigs out back,
So that their efforts remained unknown.

They knew the dealer must be paid,
And his fee is paid in blood.
For every one who knows this tale
This message is understood!

They also stole some money from the shop,
Not a huge amount and also not so small.
For they knew greed excess and gluttony
Will be the ending of us all.

I suppose there should be a moral to this tale,
But I think the proof is in your soul.
Take from this world more than you give
Then I guess! read what's bellow.

If you see a shepherd girl and her flock,
Perhaps look a little more.
The world isn't full of sheep my friends
It is full of carnivores!

It's OK to indulge in some things I guess,
But your indulgence often has a price.
Take STOCK of all your pleasures
And for humanity's sake



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  • 5 months ago

    by Em (marmite)

    A very twisted tail Craig one I liked very much

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