Sheep Tales part 1 (twisted nursery rhyme)

by CJ Maleney   Nov 8, 2018

Little Bo Peep did lose her sheep,
For the silly girl was blind,
Be careful of your loved ones,
For you don't know what they will find.

Never be distracted by the lights,
And never trust in what you see.
Sparkling lights and slight of hand
Can lead to misery.

You see that lamb was not lost at all,
It chose to run away.
For it saw it's siblings taken to slaughter,
One by one each day.

That little lamb found another soul
Who also was forlorn.
So they wandered the land quite destitute.
And a partnership was borne.

They did not seek for what they had lost
But the chose to seek revenge.
Be wary of your deeds my friends,
Or you will become unhinged.


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  • 5 months ago

    by Em (marmite)

    Absolutely loved this because it made me think about my current relationshio and how we're weird but neither of us cares because we're weird together - he still remembers the very first sarcastic comment I made baring in mind I was pretty 'shy' still as we were still at the getting to know each other stage anyways we were walking hand in hand around a lake and there was a sign that said "no swimming in the green algae " and I spoke without thinking and siad "I wonder why that is maybe the swans are really humans who have disobeyed the signs" well I near on kicked myself for saying something so stupid out loud but he was still chuckling half an hour later and to this day he always reminds me about it :) lol

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