Reminder to self

by Everlasting   Feb 15, 2019

Okay younger me, it might sound crazy or dumb or without sense but

You got to know, that God is Love
and that God is everything
And that everything is nothing
and that nothing is everything
per se

You got to know, that in a seed
there’s nothing yet there’s everything
Just look at the tree that came from a seed

And younger me, just know
That Love is knowledge
and that knowledge is love
But please do know
That love is everything
And knowledge is nothing
without love

And remember, everything is nothing and nothing is everything

Here, remember this:

“”A sage has explained it in simple way to a disciple in the following way:

He has shown a big tree and and its parts. Then he has asked the disciple to get a fruit. He asked disciple to what is inside and disciple replied few seeds. He asked disciple to see what is inside the seed. disciple said nothing inside the seed.

Now Sage explained the disciple that the very big tree and its parts as well as the fruits are all within that seeds. Yes that seeds contains everything!

That is called everything in nothing! Written by unknown”

But also remember this:

“Without you- there’s nothing- I am nothing”

I've always wonder - it has always been
a part of me, wondering that is. About

existence. . . with my eyes closed, I see
you - black. I rub my eyelids, I see you -

colorful. And within a moment, I stretch
my arms as wide as open, I feel you -

the breeze. I embrace my back as tight as
possible, I feel you - my shoulder blades.

And I wonder, if I open my eyes, will I still
see you? Will I still feel you?

I was six, or ten, not sure. It's been a while.
Time passed through my bones. It stretched

them. It hurt. It hurts to grow. So many
changes. My sight got blur, more blur. I see

but I don't. Turtles walk slow. People walk
fast. Dogs run. No wonder some live ages

while others live until they die.. ha! Ironic,
life is ironic, isn't? I wonder,

if I close my eyes, will I still see you? Will I still
feel you? like when I was six, or ten, not sure,

it's been a while. Time passed through me,
it gave me a shape of an hourglass.

No wonder a few men called woman a time passed...
They think they hold our time, not sure why,

the hourglass? They think they can flip up us
around? They think they can control us?

Can anyone control time? Time passed
through me, I was six, or ten, not sure,

it's been a while. But If I open my eyes,
will I still see you? Will I still feel you?

Or will it be like back then, when I was six,
or ten, not sure, but I closed them, and I saw

you - black. I rubbed my eyelids, I saw you -
colorful. And then I opened my eyes

to closed them again and see you,
but there was nothing.

Written by: L.L

Feb 11, 2014 - 12:34 am


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Moe

    we are born of the void into nothingness, yet we think ourselves something great. I'd say we are something great but in the bigger picture we are weak and insignificant. Dunno how that's related to your write but it just brought the subject to my mind.
    "Can anybody control time?" That's a great question. I believe we sense time differently thus the saying that sweet times pass quick. Would that be considered having control over time though?
    As always a lovely write have a nice day.

  • 3 months ago

    by BOB GALLO

    It is so chaotic, but I saw all the rhythm and patterns that you have found in the chaos. A reader might not understand because of your mind's "infinity" shape (let call it letter 8) you have to convey your pattern through chaos and disorder, At least till the much farther times. They might not note the exotic fishes that you catch in the disorder.
    There are some juvenile, observations also, that also are quite charming, making your work honest, but most importantly, they keep your connection with your inner child in mint condition. This also would probably linger until much further times, when your inner child and your mature self, resolve their paradoxical tensions into a synthesis of some enlightenment of some kind (I strongly wish.)

    Very very deleted to read this.

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