Ripped it all out

by The Poetic Child   Jan 10, 2006

A Shattered Mirror
Now a Shattered Heart
Something you had broken
Cracking from the Start

The love i had was true
the love you had was fake
So now what am i left
for its worthless memories i take

how could you do this
for i am Shattered
you broke me like a glass
my heart you just splattered

i wake up in the morning
for nothing to look foward
now my days are nothing
theres nothing to go toward

who am i to call now
Who to turn when im down
you were the only one there
To take away my Frown

I look at these picture of us
and i just stare at your eyes
But you were just cheating on me
so your eyes just told lies

you looked at me in the eyes
and said "baby its not true"
you said\" You cant believe them"
"Cant you see i love you"

I took your word at first
and now i feel regret
i want to go past the time
so we would have never met

you could make me so happy
but now you make me sad
the thought of us lasting forever
The love we could of had

now our future is gone
because you cheated
now i feel a loser
my heart you defeated

everytime i think about you
my eyes begin to tear
I loved you Sooo Much
losing you was my fear

and now your gone
so what am i going to do
Cause my love that i had
was passed down to you

but you broke it and tared it
you ripped it apart
Now im Wounded and in pain
My poor aching heart

I write this poem now
to tell you straight out
you came and took my heart
and just ripped it all out...

Dedication- I dedicate this poem to any person who was cheated on or have been lied too, i am sorry that this tragedy has happend and i hope it never happens again, i hope and pray that you remain strong and hold on and can get this through, just remember one thing, Jesus loves you..

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  • 12 years ago

    by FoundHim

    This poem is excellent just like your other a good poet but i think you are better...youre poems are truly amazing and leave me with nothing but good comments! take care...

  • 12 years ago

    by .ღ.Jasmyn.ღ.

    THis is a really good poem...
    I can realli relate.
    Keep it up!


  • 12 years ago

    by bleed4eternity

    Man that was a good poem
    well done well done!

  • 12 years ago

    by Jasonsboo

    I loved your poem. That means a lot to people that have experienced it. I am kinda going through it right now. Your poem means a lot to me and you should keep up the great work! 5/5 Let me know when you get more and tell me your favorites so I can read them. Love you

  • 12 years ago

    by melinda

    Wow this poem is good! u are truly talented! 5/5