by Matt Carroll   Apr 16, 2006

Silence is the sweetest sound
And yet it's always broken
Though when a sweeter voice is heard
New love is then awoken

Words are not required
To show whats on my mind
Just look into these hazel eyes
And answers you shall find

I need not voice my feelings
For shes listened to my heart
And if my love you don't understand
Then nows the time to start

Silence is the sweetest sound
It's carried by the crystal rain
Sitting by a sparkling waterfall
In bliss I shall remain

As I gaze off into the water
Reflections shimmer in the light
Thoughts of you bring carefree smiles
And sweet dreams throughout the night

Three words fallen from thy tongue
Bring me to my knees in joyous tears
For all that I have wished is true
God's taken all my fears

Silence is the sweetest sound
Next to your angelic voice
Gods granted me serenity
Freedom, love and choice


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by DarkLight

    Amazing, I agree silence is sweet but just for a while

  • 12 years ago

    by Karen Simpson

    I love you Matt. You place into words, what I wish I could. I love your poems, I really do. Kepp it up. ^_^