The first black regiment 54th massachussets

by Independence Forever   Feb 28, 2007

Under the leadership of colonel shaw
they broke any preceding law

the first black regiment, ever in united states lore
would show the confederate rebels what was to be in store

they assembled in Boston ready to fight
but they weren't aloud to war, future not bright

after lots of words, they were sent to war
they proved incredible in combat, a high score

they met their low point at the base of battery Wagner's heights
they charged the fort, keeping a bead on the enemies sights

after an hour they withdrew in a decimated mass
they lost from the lowly soldier, to the top brass

but saddest of all was the loss of colonel Robert Gould shaw there
the survivors mourned their dead colonel, for them he did care

they fought on through the rest of the civil war
but the loss at fort Wagner was a grievous sore

in honor of the brave black men of the 54th Massachusetts who in adversity rose to join the fight against the rebel southern states.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Black night

    You know history well. Good write mate.
    -Black night-

  • 11 years ago

    by Denysia

    Great job