My baby

by Katie   Sep 6, 2007

Somewhere deep within my heart,
There lies a space unfilled,
That no-one else can occupy,
But destined for someone yet unknown.

Somewhere deep within my soul,
A part stays unfulfilled.
It makes me feel that I'm not whole,
And yearns for something more.

Somewhere deep within my mind,
The thoughts are always there,
Longing for the kiss of life,
Desperately trying to breathe.

Somewhere deep within my dreams,
You really do exist.
The one I've always longed for,
My precious bundle of love.

The baby I'm so desperate for,
That I've wanted all my life,
Fills my heart, my mind, my soul,
Yet dreams is all you are.

I cannot wait to cradle you,
To hold you in my arms,
To see your perfect face,
To feel your skin so soft.

So until the time is right,
I will continue against all odds,
To make you become a part of me,
My precious bundle of love.


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  • 11 years ago

    by C Cattaway

    The longing is something I can't understand, for which I'm sorry.. however.. when the time is right, it will happen.. Well written poem. I found the use of unfilled, and filled in the immediate stanzas almost as if the 'filled' is repetitive, but then, I'm not the one to talk, as when you're in the mood to write, you simply have to write, regardless of the 'deemed to be correct word', as long as they're the words you're feeling. Very well done. xx