All The World's A Stage

by Jenni Marie   Oct 29, 2007

{Hidden pain seeping through cracks
Misery clutching at so many souls
Outwardly smiling, screaming inside
So many people losing all control}

There's the girl who has everything
Yet at night she listens to her parent's fight
Screaming, kicking, punching each other
She sits with tears in eyes closed so tight

Nobody knows of her broken home
Appearing always to have it all
Keeping a smile permanently in place
No one ever seeing her silently fall

There's the boy on his way to Oxford
He has the whole world in his hands
Surely he's going to be another Einstein?
Yet the pain he bears, no one understands

For behind closed doors it's another story
He has to cope with an alcoholic, violent dad
Listening to the stream of insults each day
He wonders how things ever became so bad

There's the beautiful, graceful girl
Always surrounded by a hundred friends
Yet not one of them would ever guess
Each day she prays for her life to end

Because each night she lives in fear
Of her step father creeping into her room
His hands crawling all over her flesh
Praying for it all to be over soon...

There's the boy considered a retard
Keeping his fake smile fixed in place
Pretending spiteful names don't hurt
Yet feeling his life is such a waste

And each day he'll cry when he's alone
Cursing all of the heartfelt pain and misery
Wondering why he can't just be accepted
Yearning every single second to be free

Then their's the girl who appears happy
She has so many wonderful plans for life
Yearning to make the world a better place
No one would guess she's engulfed in strife

She's coughing up blood and vomit each day
Morning, noon and night standing on the scales
"Nothing taste as good as thin" runs in her head
Barely touches food, become so weak and pale

{Hidden pain seeping through cracks
Misery clutching at so many soul's
Outwardly smiling, screaming inside
So many people losing all control}

People silently falling into despair
Consumed with so much anger and rage
Yet no one ever realizes what's happening
...I guess the whole world's become a stage

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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Midnight Sun

    When I read this title I was immediately interested for I love that line. But as I read the poem it developed it's own seperated itself from the famous title. And then it was beautifully brought together at the end. Because as you think about the last line more and more you start reflecting on the attitudes of the ppl described and they truly are acting every day to hide all the pain...and everyone does it and yet no one understands it fully.
    So in case you didn't catch on I LOVED this poem, LOL! Amazing job, keep it up :)! 5/5 without a doubt!
    ~Midnight Sun

  • 10 years ago

    by xXx Expecting xXx

    Wow this is amazing....its true. you can never tell who a person realy is. even if you've known them for 10yrs...there is stuff they hide.....i am one of them....

  • 10 years ago

    by Absolute Broken Perfection

    I had to add this on my favorite poems list, it's absolutly breathtaking.
    Your vocabulary is amazing and this peice is extremely emotional and I think it can relate to anyone who reads it.

    Amazingly done sweetie!

  • 10 years ago

    by alwayssofresh16

    This poem is so stong and you have a lot of discription I give it a 5/5 keep up the good work

  • 10 years ago

    by lost dream

    I love it!!

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