Your Needles To My Arm

by Imperfectly Writing On The Walls   Nov 15, 2007

I'll show off my insecurities on my waist line,
and watch your needles dance around my arm.
I've become aware of the shallowness beneath your shirt,
I'll wait around without a care in the world,
as I show off the little needle marks you left on my arm,
your world will come tremble down with all your lies.
You're staring at me with those lustful again, darling,
we've been over this a million times; you're hopeless,
you're too vain for your own good; I'm showing off for no one,
you always believe it's for your stare, but that's wishful thinking.
I'm walking on the street and you're following me so closely,
honey, stalking is always so full of arrogance when it comes from you,
I'll lay in the road and see if you'll follow me there too,
since you're still watching my every move; my every glance.
I walked into the latest fashions of tight jeans and ignorance,
the day I let you put your needle into my arm; for another shot,
you're using that ego on all the girls again; too bad I don't fall for that twice,
you follow me like a love sick puppy and as soon as I break your ego, you're gone again.
Your needles are dancing around my arm again for my last fall,
I'll be your last ego drop and you'll be my grim reaper with one needle,
I'll smile at you because I didn't fall for that game twice,
trust me, dear, you're not going to stalk me with your needles to the depths of hell.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Natasha

    My dear dear sweety, baby, shorteee! :D
    Thank you for all your comments, I shall call you my personal spell checker ;)
    eventhough I read and re- read all my stuff a million times, sometimes it's that easy to miss something.
    So thank thank thank you! :D

    this poem... beautiful, sad, great! :D
    I loved every word, but then what words you put down, don't I love?
    I wish you all the best for this christmas, I shall think of you ;)

    love always,
    ~* natasha *~ BABEEEEE

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