I'm Done

by Imperfectly Writing On The Walls   Jul 20, 2013

Lost in the fantasy land that I might have meant something,
but we both know I'm lying to myself,
maybe, I was worth a few hours of your valuable time,
but I'm not letting you waste anymore of mine.

I'm ripping up the lyrics, the poems and the heart,
they aren't worth anything to you,
why should I give up the most valuable pieces of me
for someone who's as careless as you?

I started out as angry and it turned to emptiness,
sitting alone playing with my guitar as if you'd appear,
now here I am wasting my poetic talent on you,
all of this makes it seem like you're actually worth something.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Very powerful emotion in this piece and I like how you openly you express the pain, anger and frustration at having wasted time with this person who wasn't worth it in the end, or didn't treat you right. I like how you mentioned ripping up the lyrics, and then about the guitar, could easily picture that.

    I like how you worded the ending lines too, how maybe your heart and mind are at war over this person still, because you are taking the time writing about them but it is also a release for you. So maybe a part of you is still trying to convince your mind you should be with this person or they should have another chance.

    Beautifully expressed, the emotion and sadness is surreal here and there's not this abundance of imagery or literary figures but there really is no need because you convey that emotion. You write from your heart and write what you feel and sometimes that's the way it reaches people the most.... also could be relatable to some people as well. Take care.

  • 5 years ago

    by ThebutterfliesMuse

    I think thia is in my opinion the best poem I've read from you so far! From the very start you show soooo much emotion and anger and passion. These are the best kind of poems I feel.

    Its great that you finally let go again. You shouldn't waste anymore time on someone who doesn't love you. Its very easy to get lost in anyone who you fall for. It truly is like a fantasy land so that was great wording. You fall hard but then depression always gets in the way. You need to be happy fot you no matter what they think if you truly don't love yhem then it is your time not theirs!

    The second stanza is my favorite by far because it shows your anger well and the way you want to ley go in your own way. Like you said well don't give them anymore of you when its not worth it. Be free if it hurts you in anyway.

    The ending here is great because you always feel at first you lost a peice of yourself when you lose someone. But your heart realizes in the end its better this way and thats how you move on and heal. I do love the guitar though because its a grwat way to let it out in a healthy way. The great thing is writing about it is a great way to feel again. 5

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