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My heart was shoved into the depths of the freezer (You know, next to the forgotten icecream leftover from my 10th birthday.) for a very long time. My soul was frostbitten. But then this lovely Australian boy that goes by the name of Ben(eroo) came along. And life's good! (:



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Latest Poems By GoodMorning

  • The sun, she keeps me warm
    in the daytime hours. I stand...

  • Your smiles are rare, something to savor--
    comparable to rationing sugar...

  • Book splits open with a tremor of the spine
    And the heavy scent of pages well aged overwhelms...

  • Sweetness, do you know?
    You're the romantic comedy...

  • Past changes plant doubt within my soul.
    They act as tangled weeds...

Latest Quotes By GoodMorning

  • Oh, you're so good for me,
    but I'm terrible for you, Love.
    Your soul will suffer.

    10 years ago
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  • I feel locked out of your heart,
    And I'm searching for the spare key;
    There has to be a way back in.

    10 years ago
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  • Darkness surroudning,
    Calling my name,
    Death grip around me,
    Squeezing; popping my veins.

    12 years ago
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