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Hell is no form of torment, Hell is the only place in this universe that will allow the dead inside to burn away who they were or wish to be.

My name is Koriey Korrupted. Some of my poems, are as some of you call them;; Scary, Crazy, Sick, but please remember, they come from situations, obstacles in my life, that hurt me more than anything.

Dont Judge them... Dont Judge me. My poems are deep because they come from the depths of things that kill me...every waking second of my life.

All I ask, is that when you read my poems, dont just look at the words, look into my hell and tell me what you see.

Thanx Koriey K.

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Latest Poems By Koriey Korrupted

  • Control. In order to have absolute control.. you...

  • It took me awhile.
    It took me awhile to get to this point of longing...

  • The bridges are burning, burning down burning...
    With ourselves. Be not of the damned, but surely...

  • In my hardest of hearts hidden in the crest of...

  • Haze (1)

    I'm crying metallic tear drops
    Weighing down one ton's worth of secrets...

Latest Quotes By Koriey Korrupted

  • Where am I going? Simple lovless drops securely held beneath my veins. Ends so cliched, risen from lost memories. closure. Taking the big leap exits flashing behind cursed eyes. Sleep now love. May the cherry blossoms scent captivate us forever.

    9 years ago
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  • Body made of wax

    The perfect glossy eyes

    Perfect skin

    Becoming another plastic barbie

    To end the world within

    11 years ago
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  • Fill me sweet one
    Let your love come down
    please I need you
    To right this imperfect frown

    I want you inside of me
    I miss every sensation of your touch
    please my darling save me
    This pain is becoming too much.

    11 years ago
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