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Latest Poems By Ashley Ann

  • Darkness growing on the walls
    Demons laugh as more blood falls...

  • How is it that I can make you smile?
    What of me is worth your while...

  • Smoking half a pack at once, still stressed.
    Kick this shit, aint got a penny in my pocket...

  • I have a confession
    I've been told "I'm regressing...

  • Inside us all, we crave the same.
    Those moments that we smile for no reason...

Latest Quotes By Ashley Ann

  • "Do you love God? Well, if you love him so much, how come you havent read his ONLY book, yet you have read so many by others?"
    ~Ashley Paul

    11 years ago
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  • "Live life so that when it comes time to end, you can know that you lived the way God wanted you to and that it is now only the beginning."
    ~Ashley Paul

    11 years ago
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  • "Love is like the weather...sometimes its beautiful, sometimes its not."
    ~Ashley Paul

    11 years ago
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