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:-( My poems are short 2 maybe 3 stanzas, thats because they just come to me at weird times and iv been writing them down for a while, then i found this site and thort i might as well do some thing with them. I hope some of you can relate, and i hope you like them. I love this- Its from an untitled song by AFI-
I can not stay here,
I can not leave,
Forever haunted,
More then affraid.
I asphixiate on words,
I would I say,
Im drawn to a black end,
Skies have turned blue.
There are no flowers,
No not this time,
There'll be no angels,
Gracing these lines,
Just these stark words,
.....I find.
Id show a smile,
But im too weak,
Id share with you,
could i only speak,
Just how much this,
.....This hurts me.

Cuts through my day,............Seeps into my dreams. I also have a few other poems that a friend of mine (BlackAngel) posted for me, as i didnt have internet on then. The poems are- 'Kid With The Blade' , 'Midnight' and 'Who Will Listen'

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  • I dont think you ever get out of the forest of depression, When you think your on the right path out, it leads you right back to where you started......

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  • "In Love" -- When you fall.....
    You only ever break your heart.

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