Favorite Poems of stormingdance (Jessica)

  • Black Grate (10) 7 HM

    by Ben Pickard

    My chair is a chamber that keeps me captive when...
    But to think! how my comfort can change when the...

  • Trickle (12) 7

    by CJ Maleney

    I am a little rivulet
    I am not yet thought of as a stream...

  • Goddess, Burn me. (2)

    by MartyrAmanda

    I feel you starting to begin,
    Digging in...

  • She is the melody
    A gentle note sweet in sound...

  • Renegade (3)

    by Mark Spencer

    By Mark Spencer...

  • When (43) 2

    by Bradley Peter

    When the glowing light leads you astray
    And the evil begins to feel good...

  • Satori (6) 4

    by Jenni

    You cage the moon in your veins
    whenever it is that side of midnight...