Favorite Poems of Narph

  • Wake up call (6) 10 WIN

    by Saerelune

    10:15 PM -
    There's no sweet sixteen or forever twenty-one...

  • Gold (2) 4

    by slighte

    I'm drunk,
    and trying to remember the moments of gold in my...

  • Siren's song (3) 4 WIN

    by Saerelune

    I wish to be the ocean waves
    that hush you to sleep at night...

  • Lonely Mountain (17) 5 WIN

    by silvershoes

    It snows down lonely mountain.
    Somehow the wind has brought me here...

  • A poem after 50 (3) 2 HM

    by Karla

    The black veins of the day
    pulse deep inside...

  • Yellow (2)

    by Inside the Liar

    If love were a color, it would be yellow.
    Not for such a reason as...

  • To a Soldier (12) 3 WIN

    by nourayasmine

    Where you are, it's probably dark
    and the screams of others are the...

  • Black gold (11) 3 WIN

    by Armada the Gestalt

    My ribcage
    is a coffin for the little birds...

  • Bastille (14) 3 WIN

    by Hannah Lizette

    "Forgive me if I cling like
    static, I've just been...

  • Get lost (3) 3 HM

    by Saerelune

    Go. Shut the door.
    Cover your ears and sleep...

  • We will live together in a shitty little home,
    But it will be our home...

  • Gangling tree tops roof the wood
    Intertwining themselves from where we stood...

  • I've never known graffiti and energy drink,
    never spent my youth in the corner...

  • Widow's Night (3) 3 HM

    by Saerelune

    She can't be fixed, stares at the mirror
    with vacant eyes and pills at the bottom...

  • Driving To Your House (7) 6 WIN

    by abracadabra

    It's late August already, and the magnolias
    bloom pink and white against the weatherboard...

  • Condom. (13)

    by abracadabra

    A small sack of semen lies in the corner.
    It is limp with exhaustion, still...

  • Speck (4) 2

    by Colm

    I feel like being the distraction
    keeping you up nights, vow...

  • M (3) 1

    by Jordan