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"When a poet digs himself into a hole, he doesn't climb out. He digs deeper, enjoys the scenery, and comes out the other side enlightened." -Criss Jami, Venus in Arms. My name is Crystal and my work here is, in essence, a virtual diary. My writes all have some tie to something I am currently (or was) experiencing. I have a strong love of literature, the arts, astronomy and music. Thanks for reading (: NOTE TO READERS: If you find it necessary to leave a bad score on any of my works, please be kind and state the reason so I'll know which areas I need to improve in. Thank you!

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  • He was the source
    of more smiles than tears,
    But could never imagine
    An "us" in two years.

    8 years ago
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  • Find people who don't make you want to write sad poetry. And once you do, keep them forever.

    8 years ago
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  • I don't want to fall in love, I want to be breathed into love. I need for it to feel as natural as the air filling my lungs. As involuntary and as sustaining.

    8 years ago
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